The Island of Siquijor is very rich on heritages. Here’s 6 heritages that can be found in Siquijor.
St. Francis of Asisi Church - Siquijor, Siquijor

Image by Don Miguel

St. Francis of Asisi Church

Located in Siquijor, Siquijor

       The church is made of stone and cruciform. The adjoining convent was likewise made of stone rubble. The bell tower stands independently from the church in the plaza.

This arrangement suggests that the tower also served as a defensive structure, a watchtower to warn the people of approaching danger.

San Isidro Labrador Church - Lazi, Siquijor

San Isidro Labrador Church

Located in Lazi, Siquijor

     The church was constructed by the spaniards in 1884, using indigenous coral stones and local hardwood. The church has preserved its original wooden flooring.

   It was declared by the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) as one of the most outstanding heritage churches in the philippines and the national Museum as a Nationsl Cultursl Treasures (both convent and church).

St. Augustine Church - San Juan, Siquijor

Image by Rheinhard Ruso

St. Augustine Church

Located in San Juan, Siquijor

     The St. Augustine church is made of tabique. The first parish priest Fray Nicanor Archiniego was responsible for building the church as well as the casa real and the escuela. He opened roads to Siquijor and Lazi.

Our Lady of the Divine Providence - Maria, Siquijor

Image by Don Miguel

Our Lady of  Divine Providence

Located in Maria, Siquijor

      The Nuestra Senora de Providencia is a centuries-old church made of tabique. It’s altar and structure was built during the Spanish administration.

St. Vincent De Ferrer Bell Tower - Larena, Siquijor

Image from Gettyimages

St. Vincent De Ferrer Bell Tower

Located in Larena, Siquijor

      Father Gaudencio Marquez was responsible in the construction of the hexagonal bell tower when he became the Regent of the parish in 1885-1890. It was finished in 1889. The tower is made of coral stones and rubbles.

San Isidro Labrador Convent - Lazi, Siquijor

Image by EJ Guanzon Velez

San Isidro Labrador Convent

Located in Lazi, Siquijor

Reputed to be the biggest among the oldest convents in the philippine, the Spaniards started the construction in 1887 and was completed in 1894. Declared as historical landmark by the philippine Historical Commission, it is believed to have been the vacation house for the Diocese’s priests at the time.