The Captivating View Of Cambugahay Falls

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Photo by @mie_moi

Hola amigos! The slurty weather seemed endlessly long, feeling the need to look for a very summery weekend? A refreshing and alluring spot in Siquijor Island is waiting for you, Cambugahay Falls is just one of the best places in Siquijor to chill out and remove excess baggage in life. Enjoy the fresh and cool water excellent for swimming and feel free to release the heat from your body and cool you down. If you want to be lost it’s just the best place to be!

If you want to be lost it’s just the best place to be!

Cambugahay falls is located in Brgy. Kinamandagan, Lazi, Siquijor.

It is famous with its 3-tiered waterfall & a swimming lagoons with clear waters, reachable by a short hike with concrete stairs. At the first level of the waterfall, you will see one feature of the place which was an improvised swing, the locals called it “Tarzan Swing” and is the deepest among the 3-tiered lagoons, you can enjoy the swing at a very reasonable price however if you’re on a budget tour you could just jump off from the top of the falls and if you wish to have a harmonious swim there are two more lagoons above which are shallower, perfect to bring some kids along, yet Always make sure to ask the local tour guide where to jump. As for the food, you could just bring packed lunches and snacks where you could settle down for a good meal on the makeshift tables and chairs near the water.However, if you came there unprepared, still there are vends snack foods available.

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Siquijor island is a small island and reaching the place is not a trouble. By means of getting there,

From Siquijor Port and Larena, In Siquijor Port you can rent an island coastal tour (Tricycle) from a rate of 1,200.00 to 1,500.00 pesos which will not just take you to Cambugahay falls but will take you to all the other beautiful destinations in the island. If you want to be more independent you can opt to rent for a motorbike for as low as 250.00 to 300.00 pesos per day just make sure to present a drivers license, local or international license and of course, make sure you know how to drive. Lol!

The enchanting place is open for all and will start at 7AM and  closes at 5:00PM. So it’s better to go there as early as you can so you’ll have enough time to enjoy the place. Unlike any other tourist attractions, Cambugahay falls doesn’t charge an entrance fee hence visitors are oblige to pay only for parking fee at a minimum of 10 pesos depending on the vehicle you’re riding on. The only thing it requires you is to bring with you your own litters and leave nothing behind to keep the place clean and magical as Siquijor island is known for. Make sure to take beautiful photos of the place as you go along and bring home memories with you of Siquijor Island, the Mystical Island! 💓

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